Live-in care is when a trained carer moves into your home and provides you with round-the-clock support. As with everything we offer, our live-in care service is completely flexible and tailored to each client. Our highly trained carers can provide both personal care and more practical and domestic support, including housekeeping tasks. We begin by visiting you at home and talking over what you want and need from your carer, before matching you with someone who has the right skills and qualities to ensure you get the most appropriate care.

You might choose to have a live-in carer on a long term basis or it could be just for a few weeks, to help you recover after surgery, for example. We can provide both long term and short term live-in care. We know that sometimes people need support right away, so we can have an Ensure Care carer with you within just 24 hours.

What are the Benefits of Live-in Care?

  • You’ll have 24/7 access to high quality care
  • Keeps you in your own home in with surroundings that you already know (this is particularly important for our clients with dementia, where familiarity is key)
  • No changes to your usual routines
  • You can continue living in the same community and remain close to family, friends and neighbours
  • You can keep hold of beloved pets

The bond between a live-in carer and client is a strong one and our clients often find the companionship enhances their quality of life

Why Might Someone Need Live-In Care?

People in all sorts of situations might need live-in care. All of our clients who have a live-in carer want to live in their own home and enjoy independent life but, for whatever reason, aren’t able to without support from another person. Many people with long term conditions, for example dementia, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, require this kind of care. We also care for many people who have recently had strokes or heart attacks. Sometimes people need live-in care following an injury or operation, so we offer short term solutions too. This is a very common option after a hip replacement operation which can really affect someone’s mobility. Live-in care to help with recovery usually lasts around four to six weeks.

What Could a Live-In Carer Do For Me?

Essentially, live-in carers can provide you with any kind of assistance that will make your life easier – anything that a family member might help you with at home. Sometimes care will be personal, sometimes domestic and sometimes, you might just need someone to be there for you emotionally. Your live-in carer will always be fully qualified in any specialist care you might need. You can be sure that our highly trained carers will be friendly but professional at all times. Some things your live-in carer can help with include:

  • Managing medication
  • Help in moving around the house
  • Cooking
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Personal care including washing, bathing and grooming
  • Assistance going to the toilet
  • Continence care

How We Help You Choose the Right Person

Choosing the right person to be your live-in carer is absolutely vital – you’ll be living together after all. It’s critical that our carer and client’s personality complement one another but we also like to match hobbies and interests too as this often helps develop the bond and build a strong sense of companionship between the two people. So we’ve made sure our selection and assessment processes are rigorous. The process begins with a visit from one of our Care Managers who meets with the client and their next of kin to get a feel for the kind of care that’s needed. Together we’ll talk about the care requirements as well as the client’s likes, dislikes and personality. We’ll meet two or three times so we can maximise our knowledge on the client and their life. Our Care Manager will then choose the most appropriate carer who’ll meet with the client a few times before anything gets put into place. This way we can ensure everyone gets on and that we’ve found a good match. If any specialist knowledge is needed, we’ll make sure the care is fully trained. Once everyone is happy, the care plan can begin and your carer can move in.

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