Caring for a relative is a demanding role. There’s a lot to take on and it can be emotionally overwhelming as well as physically exhausting. There’s no shame in asking for a helping hand occasionally. Many carers find a break really beneficial and that’s where Ensure Care can help. We provide respite care for people in all kinds of situations and can work on either a live-in or visiting basis. We can also arrange respite care on a regular basis or as a one-off.

Arranging some respite care can give you a break and a chance to refresh. You can recharge the batteries and come back to caring for your loved one with a renewed energy. Sometimes people need to arrange respite care whilst they’re away on holiday and so one of our carers will step in for a couple of weeks. It might not even be for a prolonged period of time. Some people simply want a carer to provide support to their relative for a few nights a week so that they can get some undisturbed sleep and come back to caring in the morning. We can also provide care at very short notice if the usual carer has some kind of emergency. If you need someone there fast, we can arrange care within 24 hours.

Respite care gives you the opportunity to take a step back, for as long as you need, knowing your loved one is in safe, professional hands. All our respite care clients receive the same level of high quality care as our regular clients, meaning you can relax whilst your relative is well looked after.

What Can a Respite Carer Do?

The carer we send will be one of our employed carers who is experienced, highly trained and provides care to our regular clients on a daily basis. They can replicate any kind of care that you already provide. Some typical duties might include:

  • Washing and bathing
  • Oral care
  • Foot care
  • Help administering medication
  • Meal preparation
  • Cleaning and laundry
  • Help going to the toilet
  • Continence care
  • Changing stoma or catheter bags
  • Support going outside the home

What’s Involved?

As with all our care services, respite care will be tailored to the client’s needs but we must also take the original carer’s needs into account too. We’ll liaise with the client, the client’s usual carer and any medical staff that might be involved so that we can find out exactly what’s needed. Together, we’ll put together a care plan to mirror exactly what the original carer has been doing. We’ll make sure it’s all approved by everyone before care begins.

Respite Care at Home Compared to Residential Respite Care

Another option, particularly for elderly people, is residential respite care. The best option will depend entirely on the person and family looking for respite care. Residential homes offer people a chance to socialise with other residents and enjoy new activities which are often on offer. Respite care at home, however, means far less upheaval and, crucially, if the client lives with a partner, means that they don’t have to live separately for any period of time. Respite care at home also means sticking with your familiar routines and plans for the day rather than working to a set timetable, and so there’s much less disruption to the client’s everyday life. Care at home, whether on a live-in or visiting basis, also means your loved one will receive quality one-to-one care at all times, which can’t always be guaranteed in a residential setting.

Because every person who needs care and every carer is different, we offer a broad range of services. No task is too big or small so call us on 01926 431925 to discuss how respite care could help you.